VR/360: Enforcing a Sky Pirate no-fly zone

Earth Matters

For years, food outlets around the Sydney Opera House have used kites shaped like hawks, robotic owls, squirt guns and meals served in cages to keep their food safe from brazen chip-stealing silver gulls. Finally, they have a solution that enforces their no-fly zone without harming the protected species.

Episode II: No-fly zone


'I think if they're considered pests, it's because people made them that way.'

Episode 1: A very human problem

For many coastal dwellers, Australia's silver gulls are seen as chip-stealing pests but how does human behaviour impact this protected species in its remote island breeding grounds? Explore the silver gulls' environment from every direction in 360 video.


– Sky Pirates was created by students from UNSW's Making Virtual Reality Documentaries course MDIA2013; video editing by Surya Urs; script editing by Laura Schofield and Andrena Kandiah.


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