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Our journalists are students in the undergraduate and postgraduate media programs at the University of New South Wales, Sydney (Bachelor of Media; Master of Journalism and Communications). They study journalism, film making, arts reviewing, public relations and advertising. Their reports offer fresh insights into currently topical events, while also delving into some issues which have escaped the attention of other media outlets.
They come to their journalism from a wide diversity of backgrounds, both cultural and geographic, and bring this diversity to bear as they report, analyse and sometimes comment.
Mahnaz is a Journalism Masters student, part-time interpreter, refugee advocate and self-proclaimed comedian.
Abby, a second-year communications student, is a fan of local music and true crime documentaries.
Kiah is in her penultimate year of a Media and International Studies degree at UNSW. She's a budding writer with a keen interest in news and current affairs - and a shameless passion for pop-culture, too.
Fanyu is studying for a Master's of Journalism and Communication at UNSW. She is dedicated to writing news-based features and profiles. She loves to spend time at exhibitions and in nature.
Kyle, a freelance writer, is studying for a Bachelor of Media (Communications and Journalism) at UNSW. In his free time, he runs Dark Rose Podcast focussed on underground musicians from around the globe.
Soaliha, a third year journalism student, loves writing about politics, can often be found at protests and enjoys a good debate. She's a big foodie and loves fancy brunches and dessert for dinner. Her favourite things are Harry Potter, a strong cup of tea, and her three-legged cat Marmalade.
Soo is an exchange student from South Korea studying Media Communications. She loves mango, avocado and the scorching sunlight of Australia.
Brandon is completing his Master of Journalism and Communication at UNSW. He enjoys writing film reviews, talking politics, having the odd debate, and playing on public pianos.
Di is a postgraduate student in public relations and advertising, from Weifang, in Shandong province, China.
Alex is a Media Communications and Journalism student at UNSW. When he’s not on the couch watching sport you can generally find him at the beach or keenly consuming the latest political scandal from Canberra.
Reena is a UNSW Media/Laws student. She writes, draws, fences and is obsessed with crime fiction literature.
Sarah is a Media/Law student, who currently works for The Sydney Morning Herald and dreams of owning a corgi.
Andre is a freelance writer, published poet, and final year undergrad at UNSW in International Politics and Media. He has worked with asylum seekers in Australia and France, as well as in Kenya's Mathare slums. He currently aspires to never leave university and become a political philosopher.
Sameera is studying Media, Communications and Journalism at UNSW. She loves to research cosmopolitanism and the media; and as a dedicated cynophile, relies on adorable dog videos to make her day.
A 2nd year Media (Screen and Sound Production), Lachlan is focussed on developing as a filmmaker and story teller, while continuing to provide quality videos for outside clients.
Christina is a final year Journalism/International Studies student who enjoys a good debate about anything from politics to pop culture. She hates arm-wrestling but loves telling stories.
Annabelle is a freelance writer, classical pianist and poet. She is also a UNSW Bachelor of Music/Media undergrad dedicated to the worlds of journalism, politics and government, animal welfare and the arts. Find her intermittently dozing on the grass with her cat.
Chantelle is studying Media (Communication and Journalism) and has done work experience at Big Splash Media.
Nazla, a Media (journalism) and Law student, is a fan of alternative entertainment, always looking for a good indie artist.
Despite no coordination, Nic is still hopeful of becoming a professional cricketer. He loves musical theatre on vinyl.
Janelle is studying International Relations, Communications & Journalism, speaks Arabic and is learning French.
Anna, from Moscow, is a part-time writer and cheese lover, studying a double Masters in PR & Advertising and Design.
Dylan is studying Media (Communications & Journalism). His interests include watching reality TV, tennis and baking.
Skye is a Science/Arts student and can most readily be found lying somewhere sunny, listening to music.
A postgraduate student in Public Relations and Advertising, Wei likes painting, traveling and listening to music.
Beth is a Masters of Journalism student from Perth. She is interested in environmental conservation and healthcare but also always ready to talk about the latest film, book or show.
Jelena is an undergraduate student in Media (Communications and Journalism).
Zoe is a final year journalism master's student with an undergraduate background in social and political sciences. She's a vegetarian soccer player who is always keen to debate gender inequalities and single-use plastics. To those who know her, she's passionate, outgoing and frequently busy but always manages to find the time for a movie marathon.
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