Podcast: Dissecting the intergenerational South Asian migrant experience

Best of 2021

A thought-provoking roundtable conversation on what it means to be 'desi' in Australia.

'The thing is, no matter where in the world you're born, the Indianness always remains like you just can't shake this 'desi' off, no matter what you do.'

The 'desi' legacy

To be desi is to derive from the people, culture and backgrounds of South Asia. Despite living in a country like Australia, a world away from the subcontinent, 'desi-ness' can remain as strong as it is In the homeland,

Film director Paramita Roy and singer-songwriter and counsellor Shalina Lodhia sit down with Newsworthy 's Andrena Kandiah to dissect what it means to be a desi in Australia. The podcast explores experiences across generations, time and space and hears how South Asians hold tight to a culture from generations past in a new society. These three women speak to establishing strong foundations that acknowledge both cultures to better navigate the dual identities they find themselves juggling.


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