Podcast: When Hannah 'met' Lizzo and moved the dial on ableist slurs

Extraordinary People

Hannah Diviney has wanted to be an author since she was four but didn't intend to write this book.

She is a disabilityadvocate, actress and recently published author. Her first book, I’ll Let Myself In details a life lived with cerebral palsy, from coming to terms with her difference at a young age to embracing it in her twenties, becoming the first disabled person to have a sex scene on Australian television. She made international headlines after calling out Lizzo and Beyonce for using ableist slurs in their music.

Diviney chats to Newsworthy about why she chose to put pen to paper, the power of social media and exactly what happened with those ableist lyrics.

'Before you write other people's stories you have to write your own and you have to own your own and be comfortable with your own.'


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