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Written and Directed by LACHLAN PEKNICE

Their lives could not be more different: A young suburban thief goes about his morning (breaking into houses, stealing valuables); a slumbering home owner, dragged from sleep by his alarm, sets out on a mission of his own (to make the perfect cooked breakfast). Engaged in two very different tasks, their lives are more connected that you think.

The story begins with the young thief driving through a suburban neighbourhood. Analysing each house as he passes, he pulls up alongside a large two-story home. "This is the one." As the young thief narrates his break in, the unsuspecting home owner steps out of bed and begins his own morning routine. The thief's narration comically coincides with the making of a perfectly cooked breakfast, creating a sense of confusion for the viewer as they attempt to determine what is real and what is fantasy.

As the home owner inhales his perfect breakfast, the thief uncovers a small box hidden in a drawer - Cha Ching! He stashes it into his bag and begins the clean-up, as downstairs, the homeowner does the same – rinsing dishes and cutlery.

Time to go. The thief slips out the window, with valuables secured, and briskly returns to his car. The home owner, oblivious, continues with his morning routine. Noticing a door left ajar, he enters the room, and through the window, sees a car pulling away from the curb.

I really enjoyed bringing this vision to life with the rest of my team, and I hope you enjoy it too. If you're interested in any of my other works, or have any questions, you can see what I'm up to on my Instagram @lach_pek.


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