Podcast: In photojournalism, the AI disruption is not here, yet


You need 'heart' and 'mental stamina', say award-winning photojournalists, to thrive in this fast-changing industry.

The Sydney Morning Herald's Managing Photographic Editor Mags King and Gold Walkley-winning war photographer Kate Geraghty recently sat down with Newsworthy editor Connie Levett to discuss the state of photojournalism and why ethics matter in an era of fake news and advances in artificial intelligence.

'Mental stamina. Now with the AI and everything else there's a lot of challenges ahead of you.'

Hear these images discussed

A group of Afghan elders walk outside a barbed wire barricade.


Afghanistan: Discussion of image at 7:16-10:21

'It's not photography, no confusion about it. It's got no place in a newspaper.'

An AI-generated image of a bush fire burning in the Australian bush.The image you get when you ask Dalle-2 to generate a wall of flames in the Australian bush.DALLE-AI GENERATION


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